Performer Centorium

The Frog Prince:

Aileen Quinn as Princess Zora

Helen Hunt as Princess Henrietta

Clive Revill as King William

Red Riding Hood:

Amelia Shankley as Linet

Isabella Rossellini as Lady Jean

Craig T. Nelson as Godfrey / Percival

Rocco Sisto as Dagger

Julian Chagrin as Allen Owen

Puss In Boots:

Christopher Walken as Puss

Jason Connery as Corin

Snow White:

Sarah Patterson as Snow White

Nicola Stapleton as Snow White (child)

Diana Rigg as The Evil Queen

Billy Barty as Iddy

Arturo Gil as Giddy

Ricardo Gil as Kiddy

Julian Chagrin as Magic Mirror Head

Sleeping Beauty:

Kenny Baker as The Elf

Morgan Fairchild as The Queen

Jane Wiedlin as Faery White

Julian Chagrin as The Advisor


Billy Barty as Rumpelstiltskin

Amy Irving as Katie

Clive Revill as King Mezzer

Julian Chagrin as The Blacksmith

Beauty & The Beast:

John Savage as Beast / Prince

Rebecca DeMornay as Beauty

Hansel & Gretel:

Nicola Stapleton as Gretel

Cloris Leachman as The Witch Grizelda

The Emperor's New Clothes:

Clive Revill as The Prime Minister

Lysette Anthony as Princess Gilda

Julian Chagrin as The Duke