Song Lyrics

The Frog Prince

Lucky Day

A Promise Is A Promise

Too Tall Frog


Have You Forgotten Me?

Red Riding Hood

Lost In The Woods

Good At Being Bad

You Won't Be Here In The Morning

Green In The Blue

You Won't Be Here In The Morning [Reprise]

Man Without A Heart

Never Talk To Strangers


When I'm Queen Of The Castle

I Need A Miracle


I Love The Miller's Daughter

Baby, Rest An Hour

One Little Name

My Name Is Rumpelstiltskin

Straw Into Gold

Puss In Boots


A Happy Cat

I'll Watch Over You - Cat's Lullaby

Gift For The King

Love At First Sight


Love At First Sight [Reprise]

Stick Your Neck Out Now & Then

A Happy Cat [Reprise]

Beauty & The Beast

Without Us

This Life Is For Me

If You See With Your Heart

Dancing With You

Without Us [Reprise]

If You See With Your Heart [Reprise]

Snow White

Where Is The One I Long For?

Let It Snow

Hoppin' On My Daddy's Knee

More Beautiful Than Me

Bed Song

Iddy, Biddy Names

Every Day

Chinese Comb Song

There's Work To Do Diddy

Sleeping Beauty

Spin, Spin, Spin

The Queen's Lament

How Good It Is

Life Looks Rosier Today

Tattered Clothes Song

Spinning Song

Dare Me

Quickly, Now, Quickly


How Good It Is [Reprise]

Hansel & Gretel

Punch & Judy's Dance

Punch & Judy's Dance [Reprise]

The Faery Song

Oh, What A Day

Sugar & Spice

The Witch Is Dead

The Emperor's New Clothes

Clothes Make The Man

The Adventure Of The Century

The Adventure Of The Century [Reprise]


Is This A Love Song?

Red Or Blue?